Stalham High School is subject to regular inspections to ensure that we adhere to their code of conduct. During our internal examinations we seek to replicate the feel of the real examination room and continue to follow the JCQ regulations at these times.

Year 11 Mock Examinations 2020

We will be providing an opportunity for Year 11 students to experience the demands of GCSE examinations in a formal setting during our mock exams period, commencing on Monday 13th January. Students will sit full or part examinations in the conditions that they can expect for the summer exam season. Access arrangements will be made for those students that are entitled to them and the invigilation staff that will monitor the real exams will also be present. Year 11 students received a booklet outlining the arrangements, guidance on how to prepare for the mock exams and the support available. This booklet can be viewed here.


Exam Contingency Day 2020

Examination Timetable 2020

Mock Examinations Booklet 2020

Mock Exams Timetable

Exam Revision Booklet



Information in the event of School Closure


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