Norse Catering are delighted to provide a daily lunch service for students at Stalham High School.

Please find attached a copy of the new menu for school lunches that will be starting after the Christmas break.

Lunches will continue to be ordered by emailing by Thursday of the previous week. This enables orders to be sent to the kitchen and ingredients ordered. If orders are received late we will endeavour to provide your child with a meal but cannot guarantee that it will be what they requested. Payment should be made through your child's ParentMail dinner account. If your child is happy to have meals repeated over the two week cycle please let us know and we can automatically add them to the list each week.

The first week back in January will be week 1. Please could all orders be placed via the above email address by next Wednesday, 16th December as emails will not be checked over the holidays.

The ‘Munch’ brand and catering ethos places an emphasis on local sourcing, tantalising flavour combinations and plenty of variety to promote independent choices and value for money. Menus for Hot lunches and Grab and Go are given below.

The core menu consists of hearty, traditional dishes such as Spaghetti Bolognese, Roast Pork with all the Trimmings and Fish ‘n’ Chips as well as World-cuisine dishes such as Teriyaki Chicken Skewers, Kenyan Bean Stew and Vegetable Enchiladas.

In addition to the core lunch menu, the range of ‘Grab and Go’ items are packaged attractively and designed to be eaten by students who are ‘on the go’, such as:

  • Freshly-filled Sandwiches, Wraps and Panini’s
  • Boxed Salads
  • Fresh Fruit Pots
  • Yoghurt Pots with Granola and Fruit Coulis
  • Noodle and Pasta Pots
  • Stone-Baked Italian Pizza

Norse Catering also love to run monthly menu promotions to encourage students to try something new. If you have any menu requests or suggestions, please do share your feedback with the Chef Manager or your Student Council representative. Also, please make the Chef Manager aware if you have any allergies or intolerances.

Buying fresh, locally-sourced products is important to Norse Catering. All poultry, beef and pork used is traceable right back to the farm. Eggs and fresh meat come from East Anglian suppliers and great care is taken to ensure eggs conform to the ‘lion mark’ code of practice.

To find out more about Norse suppliers, menus, recipes and so on, visit

You can now pay for school lunches online

The easiest way to pay is though Parentmail Pluspay. Parents should follow the Connect Link to ParentMail on the website. To register for Parentmail, follow the link in the email or text that has been sent to you – or request a new link to be sent to you by emailing

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