Stargazing @ Stalham

20th November 2018

The evenings may be getting darker and nights drawing in, but this also means that the astronomy group at Stalham High are dusting off the telescopes and preparing for another season of observing the night skies!

The season started with a group taking a trip to visit our friends over at Reepham High Astronomy Club and sharing some of their season opener activities.

IMG_20181018_1830355 IMG_20181018_1831402

First on the list was a trip round the galaxy in the planetarium kindly facilitated by Dr Mark Galloway of the University of Hertfordshire. Mark showed us some local binary stars, some distant galaxies and gave us a close up view of Mars and the moon.

We moved straight on to a talk by Dr Helen Czerski (Google her and be impressed) who talked about the role of satellites in oceanography and described what it was like to spend the summer on an icebreaker ship in the arctic.

Finally our hosts entertained us with some astronomy arts and crafts - see picture for Amber, Ashleigh and Renee constructing a model of the solar system - and a tour of the on site observatory, home to one of the largest newtonian telescopes in the country. Sadly it was too cloudy for consistent seeing, but Lacey and Tabitha (pictured) did manage a couple of observations with the club's refractor telesopes.

A very enjoyable evening and we look forward to more over the coming months!

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