Students given design brief

10th July 2019

Students given design brief

Our Year 10 GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition students had been given the design brief to design a dish that contained strawberries, used locally sourced ingredients, ingredients which are in season, and, as a final twist, the dish had to be suitable for a diabetic.

 Dawn from Dawn Fresh Greengrocers’ in Sheringham provided the students with the strawberries and donated cash prizes of £30 for First place, £20 for Second, and £10 for third.  The highly talented Head Chef from the King’s Head Letheringsett, Michael Carr kindly joined us to offer his expert opinion and judge the dishes.

The judges were presented with the 13 dishes and judged them out of 10 marks based on the sensory characteristics of taste, texture, appearance and smell, and gave feedback.

In first place with 36 points was Ayisha Yarbo with her Strawberry tarte made with home cooked pastry, strawberry jelly, mascarpone cheese, crème cheese and strawberry topping.

In second place was Elisha Kerr with a strawberry mille feuille, and in third place was Ciara Gowers with her strawberry muffin afternoon tea.

This was part of the Good Mood Good Food campaign being run at the school, where we are raising awareness of the importance of making healthy choices in order to improve mental health, wellbeing and physical health.

This is a campaign that is very close to the heart of Dawn as her husband Steve is currently in the Norfolk & Norwich hospital where he is receiving treatment for bowel cancer. We should like to thank Dawn for her generous support of this competition and Michael for joining us to share his expertise.




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