Summer Safeguarding Information

17th July 2020

Dear Parent / Carer,

We have recently received two separate pieces of information from Norfolk Police warning us of recent dangers that have come to light and might affect our children during the summer. Please see below.

If you need any help to report incidents involving your child, please do not hesitate to contact me on

Jayne Melhuish

Designated Safeguarding Lead


Norfolk Police are warning that children and young people could be being targeted to buy packets of cannabis sweets.

Counterfeit packets of sweets packaged to look like ‘Nerds’ ropes but which contain cannabis and a high amount of THC have been found circulating in Norfolk.

This will be subject of a Force Press Release and we wanted to make you aware after it was found that bags of the sweets were being sold to young people for £12.

A local Police Sergeant has reported “Although they initially look like normal ‘Nerds’ sweets they actually contain cannabis. We are aware that they are being offered to children in Norfolk, particularly the King’s Lynn and Breckland areas and would like the public to be aware and vigilant.”

This information follows arrests and recovery drugs in the King’s Lynn Area. We will update you should there be any further information.

If you have any information regarding Cannabis Sweets please contact your Safer Schools Officer or Local Policing Team via 101.


I have noticed an increase of referrals involving children playing Roblox. This has always been an app that presents risk to children but if you hear of any concerns please can you ensure that you liaise with us on Exploitation as I have a template email i send out to parents offering advice on this app.

 The age recommendation is 13 years old, but I think this is too low and as it is an unregulated user created platform there are a multitude of risks posed to children. This app appears to be a well-used by  paedophiles and it is easy to groom children and coax them onto private platforms like Snapchat where photo and video abuse they occurs.

 Parents let their guard down due to the fluffy child friendly GUI as seen from picture above but this app is not safe.

 Dangers of Roblox

  • Beware of predators using third-party chat apps. Even with parental controls turned on and chat messaging turned off, predators have found a way to communicate with children while they play Roblox. ...
  • Watch out for sexualized avatars. ...
  • Be cautious with Roblox YouTube videos. ...
  • Look out for bypassed audios.





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