The school day and attendance

The school day and attendance

Gates open at 8.45 am
School begins at 9.00 am
Registers close at 9.30 am any child who arrives between 9.00 and 9.30, without a note or verbal communication, will be recorded as late

If a child arrives after this time, without a suitable explanation, they will be recorded as taking an unauthorised absence. The school will telephone parents to check that children are safe if there has been no communication about their absence by 9.30am.

Morning break is between 10.30am and 10.45am
Lunch is from 12 noon until 1pm
School ends at 3.15 pm

Our attendance policy states that holidays should not be taken in term time. All holidays will be unauthorised. You will be notified if your child’s attendance falls below 95% and you will be invited to discuss ways that we can work together to improve your child’s attendance. If a pupil’s attendance falls below 90%, the school will seek the support of a Attendance Officer who would be able to provide support to the family in seeking to address any on-going issues which contribute to poor levels of pupil attendance.

As with all issues, early communication of family circumstances/issues which might affect a pupil’s attendance, progress or behaviour with the school will allow necessary adjustments, support or pastoral care to be provided either on a short or long-term basis so as to ensure good attendance and the wellbeing of pupils. All such communication will be treated sensitively by school staff.