National School Funding Update

05th February 2018

National School Funding Update

What all parents need to know

Norfolk School Leaders have continued their campaign to challenge the low levels of funding that are received in Norfolk when compared to the funding in London Schools.

On 30th January, the attached letter was sent to the Chancellor of the Exchequer expressing our concerns regarding the funding crisis. Norfolk has joined 30 other Headteacher Associations in sending a bill to Mr Hammond at the Treasury for the funds due to Norfolk schools.

If we compare the Average Secondary Unit Funding and Average Primary Unit Funding and multiply this with the number of State Funded Secondary and Primary Pupils in each area, Norfolk receives £156,534,704 less than Westminster and £248,375,076 less than Hackney. It is no surprise that these London Boroughs are doing so well in terms academic improvement and social mobility.

There has been national and local media coverage which you may have seen.

What we are encouraging parents to do is to lend their weight to the campaign by writing to our MP, Norman Lamb, to express their concerns.

Thank you for your continued support with these high profile campaigns which we hope will make a difference in challenging the funding crisis we all face.

Letter to Mr Hammond - From Norfolk



Lottery Bid; Parent Survey

How your child learns - please complete the survey!

We are working with lots of local schools in bidding for several hundred thousand pounds of Lottery funding to run courses for parents and carers on helping understand what really goes on in their children's heads, and how they can most easily support their learning- without any battles!

In order to get the bid approved, we need to prove that there is a need for it, so please could you spend just 2 minutes completing our survey? You can find it by clicking here.