Safer Schools Partnership

10th May 2017

Safer Schools Partnership

Our Norfolk Constabulary Safer Schools Officer

SaferSchoolsOfficerPoster - school copy Stacey Barnetson

Sheringham High School works in partnership with the Safer Neighbourhood Team and PCSO Barnetson is the nominated officer who represents the SNT and works closely with Mrs Melhuish and the Student Management Team.

How long have you been associated with Sheringham High School?
I’ve been here for approximately three years as part of the Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Who do you work with at the School?
I work very closely with the Student Management Team; the Student Managers, Mrs Ransome, Ms Drury and Mrs Melhuish. I participate regularly in the assembly programme as well as the SMSC days and anti- bullying days.

What’s your role?
My main aim is to support the School to help keep the students safe.

What kind of things do you do?
I regularly deliver sessions to groups of students about staying safe on line and in the wider community. I visit the School every Tuesday and am available at break and lunchtimes to chat with any students who may wish to seek advice.
Sometimes I meet with individual students to give them advice about their rights and responsibilities. In the past, I have also met with parents to support them with strategies on how to keep their children safe. What makes my job easier is that the staff here are committed to helping students to manage any difficulties that prevent them from achieving their full potential in its widest sense. They take any kind of bullying very seriously and devote a whole day in November to help Year 7 develop healthy relationships with their peer group and give them strategies about what to do if they experience difficulties of any kind. Student Managers, Mrs Ransome and Ms Drury are all available to give individual support. The School has also trained a group of students to listen to and help other students with any problems they might encounter.

How does the School define bullying?
S.T.O.P;   Several Times On Purpose
. It is important for everyone to understand what bullying is as it is a very emotive subject. My experience is that there is very little bullying at Sheringham High and, when it is identified, the staff here deal with it efficiently and effectively. However, they can only deal with issues if they are informed.

Where else do you work?
I work in a variety of High Schools doing very similar work.

Do you ever work with parents?
I am available at the request of school staff and parents to address any issues of concern in partnership with the School. Any parent wishing to contact me can do so via Mrs Melhuish.

Do you enjoy working at Sheringham High School?
Yes, I really enjoy working here with both students and staff. We have a very positive working relationship; students interact with me very positively and are receptive to my advice.


SaferSchoolsOfficerPoster -  school copy Stacey Barnetson

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