Safer Schools Project

08th January 2021

Safer Schools Project

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8th Jan - Stop and search

During this lockdown if you are out and about you might be asked by the police to account for what you are doing to help keep everyone safe. Watch this video which is by something slightly similar ‘Stop and Search’

15th Jan - Healthy relationships

Friendships and relationships can be really tricky sometimes. Watch this video to see what tips the police have for helping you manage them.

22nd Jan - Assaults

Violent Crime is on the rise at the moment. Check out this video to see how you and your friends can avoid getting involved in playground or street fights

29th Jan - Youth Crime

Being a young person there are some typical crimes that the police deal with . Which ones do you think are common to your age? Check out this video and see if the ones you thought of come up.

 5th Feb - The Internet

Sharing Information ( includes online sexting)

Do you know anyone who ‘over shares?’ Its Internet Safety Day on the 9th of February and as lots of you are still at home, we thought we would share this one about sharing information and online sexting.

12th Feb - Hate Crime

Do you know the difference between a hate incident and a hate crime. There is lot about Xenophobia in the news at the moment. Check out this video then look up Xenophobia in the dictionary!!


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