Sheringham High is Number 1 at Number 10

31st May 2018

Sheringham High is Number 1 at Number 10

Sheringham High and Sixth was the only Norfolk school to be invited to an afternoon reception on May 21st at 10 Downing Street with 100 other guests to celebrate the outstanding work of teachers.

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Prime Minister Theresa May hosted the event, and other government ministers attended such as Education Secretary Damian Hinds and Minister of State for Apprenticeships and Skills Anne Milton. Teachers from across the country represented top performing Primary and Secondary schools.

Mr Philips, Senior Teacher, represented the school and sixth form and was very impressed, “After a thorough security check we were all welcomed through the famous front door and into a surprisingly big hallway. For those who have not been inside Number 10, it is far bigger than you imagine. We were directed up the stairs and along several rather impressive halls to a series of richly decorated reception rooms where wine and canapes were being served. After a brief pause at the entrance to acclimatise myself to the rather intimidating sight, I quickly rallied and got stuck in. Having come to the reception on my own and recognising no-one, I was forced to mingle. It was great to meet different teachers from across the country and hear their experiences. Times continue to be tough for schools all over the UK, but there was a feeling of positivity and pride at representing such a fantastic profession. Several MP’s and government ministers asked us about the main issues schools faced and it was a good opportunity for us to express our hopes and ideas about the future of education.”

Theresa May then spoke enthusiastically to guests, asking questions and finding out more about the different roles in the schools that were represented. Mr Philips took the opportunity to manoeuvre himself into a prime spot so he could shake hands with the PM and have a quick chat as she moved towards the podium. Mrs May then made a brief speech and praised the commitment and dedication teachers showed to young people saying, “You unlock the potential of young minds, turn their aspirations into reality, you nurture the innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.”

Sheringham High continues to be in the top tier of schools nationally, being eligible this year for 2 awards from the SSAT (Specialist Schools and Academies Trust);  Attainment in Non-selective Schools, and Overall Progress. Headteacher, Andrew Richardson, said of the awards and the Downing Street visit, “It is fantastic that we have been recognised in this way and we all hope that the government will continue to support our outstanding teaching by ensuring funding of all our Trust schools in the North Norfolk Academy family enabling us to focus on developing the skills of young people and achieving even greater things.”

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