2019 Mock Exams Timetable

Year 11 Mock exam timetable 2019-20

Art: Controlled assessment 5h Tues 3rd Dec 2019 Rooms 9 & 10

Textiles: Controlled assessment 5h Tues 10th Dec 2019 Room 14

French/ German speaking tests: See teacher for exact times

Mon 9th Dec

A. Keshavarz/E. Cromwell

Weds 11th Dec

D. Chastney/D. Hollidge

Thurs 12th Dec

A. Keshavarz/D. Hollidge

Friday 13th Dec

E. Cromwell/D. Chastney


All of the exams below will take place in the gym unless otherwise indicated. Students with special examination arrangements will be informed of room arrangements individually.

Week 2






Thurs 9/1

Child Development 75 mins

External exam      Room 52



French/German listening in lessons 1hr max  





Week 1






Mon 13/1

English Language paper 1  1h45 

Geography Paper 1 Physical 1h30  All classes except 11C

History paper 1 Crime and punishment  1h15

Students who take both subjects do their History exam here


Tues 14/1

Drama 1h30

Food Preparation & Nutrition 1h30

Geography Paper 1 Physical  1h30

Only students who take both History and Geography

English Language paper 2  1h45 

Weds 15/1

Maths paper 1 (non calculator) 1 h 30

English Literature paper 1 1h45 


Thurs 16/1

Maths paper 2 (calculator) 1h30     

Biology  Combined 1h15  / Triple 1h45


Fri 17/1

French/German Reading/Writing  2h15 max

Chemistry Combined 1h15  / Triple 1h45





Week 2






Mon 20/1

English Literature paper 2 2h15

Maths paper 3 (calculator)1h30 


Tues 21/1

Physics Combined 1h15  / Triple 1h45

Business studies  2h 

Music Appraising Component 3 1h 45  Room to be arranged


1h Paper 1 Physical factors affecting performance 1 hour 

Design and Technology 2h 

Please bring a calculator and drawing equipment to include a protractor, compasses and a pencil. 


Weds 22/1


1h Paper 2 Socio-cultural issues and sports psychology 1 hour  

Philosophy & Ethics 2h

Citizenship 1h45               


Thurs 23/1

History paper 2 Elizabeth 1 55 mins

Geography Paper 2 Human 1hr30

Students who take both subjects do their History exam here

Geography Paper 2 Human  11C Only 1h30

Only students who take both History and Geography


For a download version of this timetable click on this link


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