Year 11 Exams 2018

Year 11 Exams 2018

School term-time revision planner

This may help you to plan ahead and structure your revision. Make a plan which includes all of the subjects you will be examined in. Alter the times as necessary to suit your routine and fit in with clubs and after-school activities. You are allowed a night off!


  • Remember to take regular breaks during your revision (20 minutes on, followed by a 10 minute break works well).
  • Make mind-maps/ posters / revision cards. This will ensure your revision is active and productive and you will be able to re-use them for the summer exams. Don’t forget to fill in your revision record so you remember which areas to request help with.
  • Do something to keep your brain / body active during your break (walk the dog, phone a friend, chat to a parent, play a game of cards etc. Don’t watch TV or use electronic devices which allow you to be passive and may tempt you to delay getting back to work.
  • Factor in mealtimes, sleep time and time for relaxing. If you are not well rested, well-nourished and happy you will not achieve your best.


Revision classes

At home

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Year 7 Core Parent Information Evening September 20th 7pm.
Come along and find out exactly what Year 7 English, Maths and Science lessons are like.
Find out about Show My Homework, about daily routines, about which books to use and equipment to have.
A great evening for parents ONLY! Bring a pen.