Sowing the Seeds of Success

01st November 2019

Sowing the Seeds of Success

Sowing the Seeds of Success!

Sheringham High School has been presented with the ‘Best Yield Cup’ after entering the Norfolk Schools Solana Potato Competition for the first time.

During a school assembly for termly achievements, student Ryan Pemberton was surprised and delighted to be presented with the cup by Craig Stephens (pictured below), managing director of Solana UK, one of the UK’s leading seed and agri-research companies.

 Ryan planted, watered and maintained his winning potato bed gown on ‘The Patch’; the school’s award-winning smallholding.


The newly appointed Patch Co-Ordinator, Michelle Angus, said, This is a great start to the school year and I am looking forward to entering next year’s competition. We have 3 different year groups from Sheringham High School who are studying Horticulture on The Patch. All students have shown a keen interest in the organic growing of fruit and vegetables but it is especially gratifying when we get awards from outside agencies.’

Horticulture teacher David Chandler was pleased to give out the tote bags and goodies provided by Solana UK to the other Year 10 students involved in the potato competition and the school hopes to continue its association with the company and its agricultural community.

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