TITAN Award Winners get their Rewards

08th May 2017

TITAN Award Winners get their Rewards

IMG_0008Five Sheringham High students received their Amber Titan certificates today in recognition of their fantastic work in this tremendous project.

TITAN is a Norfolk County Council scheme that stands for Travel Independence Training Across the Nation.

It has been designed to encourage students to become safe and independent travellers. It provides all TITAN students with improved life skills, an understanding of safe practices and increased confidence and self-esteem when travelling independently.

This year's winners of certificates and goodie bags were Dillon Tasker, Tyler Canning, Sean McManus, Harvey Goldsmith and Cameron Chadwick.

Course teacher Mr Hawkins, back left, said, "They are a great group and learned so much in school and out. We explored all sorts of transport safely and confidence is high."

Headteacher, Dr Richardson presenting the certificates said, "This is a great programme and we have run it for many years here at SHS. It boosts self-belief and keeps students safe. Brilliant!"

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