14th February 2020


This week's #WakeUpWednesday focuses on online gaming and how an addiction to online gaming could encourage online gambling habits in children:-

Free Online Safety Guide:
From Online Gaming to Online Gambling: Recognising the Signs
Gaming disorder is now a recognised medical condition as recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO). There are a number of facets associated with an online gaming addiction however one that has attracted a lot of attention is how it may encourage gambling habits in children. That’s why we’ve partnered with gambling charity, GamFam, to shed a bit more light on the links between online gaming and online gambling.
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Online gaming is nothing new and it almost seems like every game has a monetary aspect with a facility to link credit and debit cards or spend money in-game. But should parents be worried? Can children spend recklessly? And what behavioural changes might parents see in their child linked to an addiction? Find out with this guide.
Created by gambling charity, GamFam, this guide aims to give parents a starting point to help look out for signs around online gaming addiction. Covering a range of points, the guide looks to give parents a number of tips and effective strategies that they can use if they think their child may be at risk of developing an addiction. 

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'This autumn we are unfortunately unable to hold an open evening for prospective students and their families in the traditional fashion. We really want to show you what makes our school so special and successful and so we will be launching an online 'virtual prospectus', from Wednesday 14th October, through our school website. Details and a web link will be communicated shortly. We hope you'll join us as we release new content each week, up to half term, showcasing the ways in which Stalham High School maintains a strong reputation for academic success, student support and community engagement.'





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